Zac Potts (website)
University of Michigan, Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Independent Research


This installation was a pragmatic exhibition of the culminating ideas being investigated in a structures course and theoretical readings on Time throughout the semester. Connecting unrelated yet interdependent structures, Time and the Classical Order. Deformation of indeterminate structures are expressed in the surface of objects displacing the use of space. The four columns are placed in a public hallway, they de-form the use of the hallway, which is typically read as a directional and transitional space. The columns disconnect point A from B and seamlessly fork the volume into a series of operative spaces that yield manifolds of ephemeral reactions due to: light, environment, duration, and social interactions. Beyond the completion of the installation, we noted that time, human interaction, temperature, sunlight and artificial light affect the prototype and this caused the columns to continually de- form, physically collapsing inward and social perception of success collapsing as well. Structural simulations of new materials and further reiteration of prototypes would yield freestanding columns, however time has kept this phase static.  



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