The Place of Houses – Pitch House

Harry Wei (website)
Princeton University School of Architecture
Design Studio
Faculty: Stan Allen (website)


In contemporary architectural discourse, it has become vogue to a point of over-saturation to relies on the rhetorics of diagrammatic organization or ironic provocations of semiotics as crutches to drive the design process. Space, form, volume have become secondary – a mere afterthought.

This project aims to counter this trend by making direct spatial and material compositions, without rhetorics. Instead of program prescribing form, this project instrumentalizes the phenomenological aspects of architecture – a stirring of precise formal and sensorial provocations – to dictate how the building is occupied.

Function follows Form.

01_pitch-house_wei 02_pitch-house_wei 03_pitch-house_wei 04_pitch-house_wei 05_pitch-house_wei 06_pitch-house_wei 07_pitch-house_wei 08_pitch-house_wei



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