Urban Backyard

Andres Marin (website)
University of Michigan, Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Systems Studio
Faculty: Julia McMorrough (website), Christina Hansen (website)


The Urban Backyard is a student housing complex located at the University of Michigan’s north campus. Being away from the main campus, there seems to be a lack of identity and activity with this part of the campus. The challenge for the project was providing housing for 1,000 students while dealing with a 25 acre site. The project also set out to try and create spaces that would facilitate and encourage student interaction, making the north campus area a go to place. The project utilized the vast site to provide spaces for various activities to occur throughout the year. Not only does the program offer housing but it provides communal, gallery and think tank spaces where students are able to collaborate with others.

01_urban-backyard_marin 02_urban-backyard_marin 03_urban-backyard_marin 04_urban-backyard_marin 05_urban-backyard_marin 06_urban-backyard_marin

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