Pitcrit – A Separation


A Separation

David Vuong (website)
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Barton Meyers (website)
Brief: A Study on the So. California Steel House
Year Unknown  


A Separation, explores a blurred boundary of outdoors and indoors. The client, a fashion label designer requested a separation from living space and their studio / gallery. Another request was to have a large event space to host their runway shows and events. Uncontaminated private space is only on the second floor. The first floor acts as a semi-public space. During large events, the main house’s glass walls slide back opening the living room to join with the exterior landscape, tying both Studio & House together.


↑ interior of first floor, studio

↑ exterior, main house

↑ view of entrance, main house

↑ first floor plan

↑ crop of main house

↑ cross section through main house

↑ structural diagram

↑ model, 1′-00″ = 0′-1/16″

↑ view through main house

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