A Staring Contest

Michelangelo LaTona (website)
University of Michigan, Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Propositions Studio (Blankness Studio)
Faculty: Keith Mitnick (website)


This project developed out of an interest in a question of purpose or use. The aim was to develop a formal architectural language that appeared both familiar, but also novel.

The work consists of two structures that exist in a very specific relationship to each other. The first, a tilted cube, functions as a viewing platform from which to see the second. The second presents itself as the physical embodiment of an abstract territory, the Bermuda Triangle.

With generic specificity these two objects hope to receive whatever narrative viewers desire to place on them, but also propose their own narrative. We impose our beliefs as to how to use or think about objects. Oppositionally, objects propose to us how to view them.


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