Pitcrit – Alone [together] in Seoul


Alone [together] in Seoul

Luke Prifogle (website)
University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Arch 701 Advanced Studio
Faculty: John Hong (website)


isolation as catalyst

The building provides spaces, both formal and informal, for creativity to take place. Flowing circulation patterns are set up to encourage impromptu creative sessions between users. Housing units become chained together to allow combinations of living/ working situations. An ever changing facade allows users to choose privacy levels and allows for views from the exterior into the wall and beyond. A public ground plane provides entry into the wall by traversing under. Here, both public and private user programs are found: an auditorium, library, community center, workshops… The yard provides breakout space and a crane system for larger creative endeavors.

A masterplan sets up a creative campus for the ideas and products created in the wall to disperse into the fabric. Existing army buildings will be converted into business headquarters and new development will surround these. Natural buffer zones will be created to create open expanse of green space to act as a connected from mountain to river. New green ways and roads connect back to the existing fabric to create easier access to a place once very disconnected.

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