From Armor to Architecture

Ruoyu Wei (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Mark Rakatansky


Armor was instructed by Mark Rakatansky. The theme of his studio was called “Metamorphic”. We were asked to select one piece of art from the Metropolitan Museum, abstract the characteristics of their structure and technique, and then translate them into a new form of architecture language. The basic idea of this project was to create a new space based on the original logics of an object.

The project began with a series of “metamorphic” training, which aims to develop the abilities to change each of two same-type objects’ appearance into the other. My research objective was the Armor. I translated the characteristics of the armor into an extension gallery to the Met. Based on my design ideas, armor is a system made up of “Joint” and “Membrane”. The function of the armor is operated through a “Membrane”, and “Joint” connects those Membranes and makes the armor as an integrated system. This design principle was applied on the entire building at different level of scale.


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