Beijing Arts Center

Melissa Shin (website)
Yale School of Architecture

1106a: Advanced Studio: Plattus
Brief: A Cultural Complex for the Arts and Sciences in Beijing, China
Faculty: Alan Plattus (website)


Situated just south of the 2008 Olympic development, this project creates the sense of intimacy of the traditional hutong but at a much larger scale in an effort to foster a cross collaboration between the arts and sciences. Starting with the idea of the enclosed garden/quadrangle, the campus blurs the periphery between building and landscape. The thickened periphery is eroded by centripetally axial pathways that begin at significant nodes and circulation points. My urban researched focused on the effects of the rapid development of contemporary Beijing, positing that buildings serving the Arts and Sciences are spread far apart and are often found on the fringe of the city – that is, the city has resolved itself into two separate worlds. The Urban Arts Campus is a way of putting these worlds back into a close dialogue with each other.


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