Melissa Shin (website)
Yale School of Architecture

Second Year Design Studio
Faculty: Michael Young (website)
Brief: A Contemporary Art Museum for the Brooklyn Navy Yard


This studio presented the seemingly conflicting task of building on a site with very little organized urban context but within a city defined by a predominantly strong grid. This project responds by imposing and three-dimensionalizing a grid on the site—that is, providing the organizational framework that it lacked. The resultant lattice is transmogrified through a layered series of discrete operations based on program, aperture, and circulation to create new spaces and views. Distorting the lattice results in a new, albeit mutated, composite figure that is topologically homogeneous to the original lattice. This creates a narrative through a continuous space that challenges the inherent tensions between volume and void, hard and soft, surface and structure, and interior and exterior, consequently exploring the juxtaposition between contemporary art and the environment in which it is exhibited.   


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