Border Gatherings

Aditya Aachi (website)
Architectural Association School of Architecture
Diploma 7
Faculty: Samantha Hardingham, David Greene (website)


The project is based on the research from Kiteweb

“Border Gatherings” was the theoretical project that followed on from the Kiteweb Consultation – each student had to propose a design for an educational institution in Lebanon.

To encourage cohesion I proposed a mixed school, sited along the Northern border of Shatila refugee camp, Beirut. The scheme aimed to be a social zip between both the communities and schools of the surrounding area. Providing a free private education for the highest achievers among all different backgrounds, including Palestinian refugees, would be the uniting factor among the different denominations.

The school would grow over time, first starting as a primary and kindergarten, later expanding into a high school and intermediate college.

The intervention may at first resemble a town wall – one which further segregates the refugees, but I propose that this wall aggregates and initiates meetings between the communities on either side of it. The articulated wall decentralises the focus of the camp by exaggerating the metaphysical boundary that already exists using it to initiate inhabitation of the site, it is permeable and inhabited.


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