Boston Market Hall

Jane Jonghyun Yi (website)
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Option Studio
Faculty: Robert Levit (website), Rodolphe el-Khoury (website)


The design of a new market hall brings complimentary public spaces for a site in Boston facing Charlestown along the water. It is a program that has turned the routines of shopping into a monumental activity, one of symbolic representation. The architecture of the market is an arena of collective forms of life that also brings water inside the market to provide a visible spatial apparatus with collective phenomenon with an additional civic program, a swimming pool for the community.

The market have been resolved through long-span structures as well as through columnar fields and hybrids in between. The forms of the market explores with new vaults and spanning and hybrid structure. The form investigates an architectural geometries with curvature that provides a number of modular construction. The experiment derives from a form of a water drop. As it aggregates along the grid, it not only creates an ornamental effect but also transforms into a structure to reveal geometrical properties of curvature.  



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