Museum for the Broad Collection of Contemporary Art

Sarah Blahut (website), Sean Markle
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
Design Studio
Brief: Museum for the Broad Collection of Contemporary Art
Faculty: Herwig Baumgartner (website)


The building proposed is an art museum and archive for the Eli Broad contemporary art collection. In the wake of the newly proposed building of a museum to archive and exhibit his extensive art collection, this project explores an interconnected relationship between these two programs within the museum.

The project program is approx: 120,000 sf, multiple split levels + 3 below grade levels (parking). The project proposes an interlocking scheme of art archive and art galleries connected throughout the building by a branching (almost spiral like) circulation system with 2 central cores corresponding to these dual prominent programs. The building envelope is a dual skin (inner and outer) that stretches and conforms to the position of these two programmatic elements as they shift in location through their ascent within the building. The the apertures on the facade were created in the programmatic zones described above. They are directional in order to offer views or natural sunlight into public spaces. The push and pull of the interior and exterior skins create these ‘intake’ moments which vary in scale from air vents, windows, to entry into the building or passage between different types of spaces.



↑ exterior renderings

↑ interior renderings

↑ sectional perspective

↑ siteplan
↑ floorplans
↑ sections
↑ elevations

↑ sectional model 

↑ final model

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