BuHi Gift Shop

Annie McCarthy (website)
Georgia Institue of Technology
Dirty South Design Studio
Faculty: Jennifer Bonner (website)


Atlanta’s Neo-Suburban strip and cultural mecca, Buford Highway, serves as the inspiration and logic for the world’s largest gift shop. Buford Highway is a suburban palimpsest of burger joints and Chinese restaurants; fast food and Korean jewelry stores; single family homes and hotel staffing agencies. The patterns of use and culture are not at all homogeneous along this stretch of seven lane roadway, and it is the lack of similitude that defines curious propinquities. Propinquities are most distinctly manifested in the iconic strip mall. This project reasserts the grammars inherent in strip mall formal logic to reorganize and reassemble found propinquities and in doing so creates new spatial, tectonic, and cultural relationships – curious propinquities.


↑ Nolli Map of Rome

↑ Nolli Map of Rome + Dumpling

↑ Venturi & Scott Brown’s icon map of Las Vegas

↑ Venturi & Scott Brown’s icon map of Las Vegas + Flags

↑ BuHi Retail Culture Map

↑ BuHi Shape Grammars

↑ Strip Mall Inherent Shape Grammars

↑ flag taxonomy

↑ first floor plan | 一樓計劃 | planta primera | sàn kế hoạch đầu tiên | 1 층 계획

↑ second floor plan | 二樓計劃 | planta segunda | sàn kế hoạch thứ hai | 2층 계획

↑ third floor plan | 三樓計劃 | planta tercera | sàn kế hoạch thứ ba | 3 층 계획

↑ fourth floor plan | 四樓計劃 | planta cuarta | 4 sàn kế hoạch | 4 층 계획
↑ concept model | aggregation
↑ section model   

↑ BuHi Souvenirs

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