Buried Memory

Junfeng Wang (website)
Zhejiang University
Design Studio
Brief: Celebrity Museum
Faculty: Xiang Chen


A proposal of a museum near the West Lake of Hangzhou City is required in this project. Based on the research of the natural and cultural context of the site, it’s free to decide the theme of the museum which is suited for the area, and the whole city. The theme of my museum is Celebrity Museum in that Hangzhou is a city not only famous for its gorgeous scenery, but also for those remarkable and outstanding celebrities in its history. In the site which is full of historical and cultural elements, it’s highly necessary to provide a memorial space to remind people of the great contribution that those deceased celebrities have made to the city. Since the West Lake boasts of numerous scenic spots and cultural heritages, the adaptation of the museum to the environment and the cultural context is the main focus of the design.


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