Pitcrit – Campus Ward, Tianjin


Campus Ward, Tianjin

Mahdi Sabbagh (website), Jonathan Sun (website)
Yale School of Architecture
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Alan Plattus (website), Andrei Harwell (website)


The campus ward takes the existing industrial fabric of the site and reconfigures it in a series of individual courtyards. Each of these courtyards is composed of a different combination of building types and programs. The courtyards are formed by architecturally combining existing and proposed buildings in unique and site specific ways. The courtyard model allows us to combine a typological study with preservation constraints. It is proposed that each of these courtyards is to be rented and occupied by a different entity [suitable for varying uses]. The ward is centered on the existing shipyard area which is turned into a shared common zone. Additionally, the south-east courtyard adjacent to the central area becomes a shared, common facility which serves as a combined workshop and convention center, taking advantage of the existing warehouse’s large scale. The four east campuses of the ward are defined programmatically as: educational, performance, research, and the aforementioned shared workshop and convention center.


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