Center for Space Exploration

Ryan Connolly (website)
Yale School of Architecture
1021a Architectural Design (Design Studio)
Brief: Headquarters for the Center of Advancement of Science in Space  
Faculty: Mark Foster Gage (website)


This project is a new headquarters for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), a non-profit, non-government, space organization that seeks out research projects and facilitates revolutionary discoveries in the sciences, at First Ave and 40th St. in Manhattan.

This building juxtaposes two different architectural conditions: vast regular horizontal floor plates and thin, delicate vertical circulation. In a shifting pinwheel section, the program is set in ambiguous, dynamic relationships across the atrium. With the addition of the centralized circulation, these relationships are filtered through a layer of architecture and activity. As objects that can be experienced, the vertical circulation can also be viewed, from below or above, occupying the atrium and filtering the light from above, mediating the relationship between ground and sky, earth and space. By selectively deploying foreign architectural form, this project seeks to provoke a response, generating further engagement with the building and a contemplation of the mission and ambitions of CASIS.

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