Pitcrit – Comfortably Numb


Comfortably Numb

David Vuong (website)
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Jason Payne (website)
Brief: An Ambivalent Object
Year Unknown


 This project is a 30 week intensive Research Studio by Prof Jason Payne. Researching the topic of an Ambivalent Object. Ambivalence, is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing. The problem posed for this research is “What would it mean to design an object with the awareness of its inevitable alienation?” Philosopher, Graham Harman was used as a reference to tackle this topic. The research was broken into three phases, first studying & designing exteriority, after interiority, and then architecturizing these concepts in the form of a single family dwelling. Comfortably Numb’s approach to this topic was to explore an expanded notion of representation and its possible applications for architectural forms, and the fundamental ideas of volume and space.  


↑ Elevation

↑ Elevation

↑ Physical Model

↑ Close up of drawing & vector texture

↑ Precedent; section of Saint Genevieve

↑ Longitudinal section

↑ 100 % blow up, texture & shadow created from vector lines

↑ Plan

↑ Elevation

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