Digital Fabrication

Hancheng Chen (website)
The Cooper Union
Graduate Seminar
Brief: Advanced Geometry & Digital Fabrication   
Faculty: Michael Young (website)
Year Unknown


This course seeks to explore the “interference” between the material, the sensory, and the geometric in architectural design and fabrication. Although the emphasis will be placed on digital modeling and notations, this course opens a dialog between the working methods of a digital environment, and the physical, visceral, sensory relations we have with our material environment. The course sets out to understand contemporary digital techniques by investigating the theories and history of geometry in relation to architectural construction, computation, and representation. The topics under investigation include explorations of curvature sensation and notation, gradient field manipulations, ornamental pattern through continuous variation, digital fabrication through contouring, folding, and aggregation, and material feedback in a computational system. Exploring these concepts opens alternate understandings of contemporary architecture in relation to construction, geometry, representation, and sensation.

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