Dream Machine

Maria Lozano (website), Wen Zhu (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Bernard Tschumi (website)


Through the research of notation system in other disciplines, the studio focuses on a methodology to design architecture. We chose different notation systems and understand it as a metaphor to design a space with those characters. Then we merge into groups of two and also merge two notations into one methodology to guide the design process. Each group has a topic and decided a program for the architecture. Our topic is SLEEP and we proposed a sleeping machine to recharge our energy using the different grades of consciousness and also to recuperate our feeling of HOME by the storage of our belongings.

As we use the EYEMOVEMENT notation to help us organize the space programmatically, we use the CROCHET as a way of notation that is going to help us to understand the spatial conditions, the materiality of our SLEEPMACHINE.

From the drowsiness to the deepest stage, the REM sleep, according to the quantity of energy they supply.

The consciousness in the party wall, will be the first one, and the unconsciousness in the facade, will be the last one, exposing provocatively the unconscious part.

The user will enter the SLEEPMACHINE in the first stage (where the locker spaces are placed), will go up the building and cross all the stages of unconsciousness, until the last one, the most unconscious one, the sleeping program. There, the user will go down and go through the reverse process from unconscious to conscious- making way through the final filter, now horizontal, the plaza, which is the one in charge of returning the user its previous conscious stage, but now fully energized.

We are given one of the sides of the block, so our building is going to be reorganized using this new facade. The building is going to be structured by the stages of consciousness, organized as parallel filters. We start 6 energetic programs, or 6 different ways of recovering your energy. We understand energy as the internal equilibrium between the SOCIAL, the PRIVATE, the PHYSICAL, the PSYCHOLOGICAL, the SPIRITUAL and the sleep. These 6 energetic programs are going to be reorganized in-between them depending on the gradient degree of the energy they supply, what we now call the energizing threads.



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