Enigmatic Theaters

Hojung Kim
Yale School of Architecture
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Marcelo Spina, Georgina Huljich (website), Nathan Hume (website)


The Enigmatic Projection
The locations of three theaters are the result of three primitive geometries projected from the central axis that have been rotated into three different axis. These three geometries serve as main a framework for three different kinds of theater programs. The initial primitive geometries where cones and a cube but have been modified into more obscure geometry to redefine saddle surfaces in between and create a profile surface for the main theater space. By locating theses three theaters into three different corners create central circulation for the public and create another opportunity to augment secondary and tertiary programs to grow out from the atrium.

Epidermal Monoliths
The surface of the monolith is treated as an autonomous system and building as an object. The surface of the monolith is characteristically independent that the body is separated from shell like skin. As Machado describes it, “the outer shell form betrays faintly the contours of the instrument while negotiating the regularity of its geometry with subtle cruves, depressions, and protuberances.” And as Paul Virilio’s notes from “Bunker Archeology,” While most buildings are embanked in the terrain by their foundations, the casemate is devoid of any, aside from its center of gravity, which explains its possibility for limited movement when the surrounding ground undergoes the impact of projectiles.

Skin Texture
Just like an instrumental case where it includes a poche layer of soft material to mediate between its generic geometry and the particular contours of the instruments inside, there are a cavity between the object and the skins of a building. The Openings are hybrid apertures of small openings that create moiré and noir effect. The patterns are created by taking the contour lines from the outline of primitive geometries where the contour lines form about 6 inches to 1 foot extruded planes. Various different gradients are emphasized by the overlapping of these contour lines to create moiré and noir effect. There are no direct visual to the transparent openings in a relation to interiors.


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