What the F***

Trevor Lamphier (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Work AC: Amale Andraos  (website)


Architects are a species in danger. Few outsiders can accurately put their finger on what architects do (or dream of doing). Overpopulation, specialization, and opaque working environments have further weakened the architect’s societal role. Exacerbating the problem, architecture schools continue to churn out more students.

Salvation could take two forms. Cutting numbers and also restructuring our pedagogy to make more flexible architects. Broadening the focus of architectural education, would increase importance of the programs on the periphery of GSAPP (at least in the view of an architecture student). Simultaneously, these formerly neglected programs would no longer be mashed into studio (the pedagogical environment of the architect) but would have spaces more specifically geared toward the way they learn / work.

Despite Renzo’s attempts to extend/retain the city grid on the campus, it will remain an island between the viaducts, cut off on either side. In order to control/provide an entrance into the campus and the neighborhood, GSAPP can obtain a position of prominence by integrating itself with a replacement of the 125th train station.

Finally blessed with a captive audience, the school splits in half, creating a direct route from the subway down to the street and the campus. The split then becomes a space of broadcast, leisure and negotiation, as all the programs would orient themselves to this most public facade.


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