Peter de Bretteville

Courtyard House

Leah Abrams, Boris Morin-Defoy (website), Michael Miller (website), Nicholas Muraglia, Jeanette Penniman, Lauren Raab, Jonathan Sun (website) Yale School of Architecture Design Studio Brief:Competition entry for the Vlock Building Project.  Single family home for a mother & two children with consideration for a potential grandparent with limited mobility.  1500 sqft.  Faculty: […]

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Vlock Building Project 2012

Ryan Connolly (website), Charles Hickox, Thom Medek, Jonathon Meier (website), Bob Scott, Xiaodi Sun, Kate Warren (website), YSOA Class of 2014 Yale School of Architecture Yale Vlock Building Project 2012 (website) Brief:  2 family, 2400 sq. ft. house Faculty: Alan Organschi (website), Joeb Moore (website), Peter de Bretteville (website), Joel […]

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