FAR Bank

Eugene Chang (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Core Studio
Faculty: Rafi Segal (website)


Fulton Gateway is a project about creating a new entry to the unusable existing upper floors of the block, and activating the area by adding on additional recreation programs on top of the roof and plaza. The bank of this project is a FAR bank, which manages the square footages from the varies of landlords. The FAR bank renovates spaces and turns them into profitable commercial spaces. The existing upper floors therefore will become higher value space- a department store-like retail space. The roof is occupied with recreational spaces, which base on my research is lacking in the neighborhood. By adding these additional programs on top of the existing block, it will reactive the area. The low price recreational space, which is supported by the retail spaces below, will become a destination place in Brooklyn. It is a device to attract families, couples, young people, and students to come and enjoy the facility. Ideally it is a great adaptive reuse, neighbor improving, urban solution project.



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