Ralf Bliem (website)
TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)
B.Arch Thesis, Studio Manfred Berthold
Faculty: Manfred Berthold (website)


The proposal main idea was to think about urban and industrial parasites and the transmission into architecture. The construction is able to move on the facade – trying to find the best spot to stay – always ready to move on. The main structure is provided by steel beams, which carry the large hydraulic system and are needed to connect the parasite among the existing building. A parasite is located in all devisable areas, so the main structure and the hydraulic system are able to absorb seismic impacts to provide stability on different sites. The machinery houses a type of biomechanical heart, able to inject a chemical substance to rebuild the supporting structure of a existing building. Once the parasite places itself on a industrial or urban wreckage, it constantly tries to repair its host and keep the condition of it.


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