Film Society

Yunzhi Ou (website)
University of Michigan, Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Inspired by the tartan patterns existing at the site, this hybrid project interweaves a film society with its film school, a shopping center, and a green rooftop terrace. Different programs are juxtaposed against each other to create unique interactions and perhaps even to inspire.


01_film-society_ou 02_film-society_ou 03_film-society_ou 04_film-society_ou 05_film-society_ou 06_film-society_ou 07_film-society_ou 08_film-society_ou 09_film-society_ou 10_film-society_ou 11_film-society_ou 12_film-society_ou 13_film-society_ou 14_film-society_ou

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