Framing Interactions

Harry Lam (website)
University of Pennsylvania School of Design
ARCH 502 Design Studio
Faculty: Catherine Bonier (website)


“Architecture distinguishes, separates, and gathers the participants for specific communications.” Informed by the site in the context of the city, the Youth Center could be considered as a framework for a multiplicity of social interactions which evolves and adapts along with the changing needs of the growing city.

In the site analysis differing levels of human activity are mapped over the course of 80 years. The forces thus inform a framework structured and connected by its circulatory network. The architecture evolves through time, its function in the city changing from a curative (tutoring, counseling) to a preventive role (social startups, events).


20130401_programdiagram 02_framing_interactions_lam 03_framing_interactions_lam Print 20130419_SECTIONPERS 06_framing_interactions_lam 07_framing_interactions_lam 08_framing_interactions_lam

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