Fun Palace

Yike Peng (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Summer Studio
Faculty: Thomas Leeser (website)


Programmatic cycle is an original idea coming with voyeuristic gaze interface. Each program is not stochastically independent event but sequentially interacted event. Especially during the office hours, different programs have the divers activities peak period and this active time starts from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm which prevent the “Fun Palace” from being aphonia to attract people. The site is located in Moscow International Business Center, New CBD of the Moscow, where people are more influenced by the consumerism situation. The particular location advantage offers “voyeuristic gaze interface” more opportunities to generate the abnormal moments for people to migrate their interest.  



↑ north to south perspective

↑ physical model view from south

↑ location analysis

↑ voyeuristic gaze interface section
↑ sashimi section perspective

↑ exploded diagram

↑ physical model view from north

↑ section

↑ facade design detail

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