Garden of Memory

Raul Serra (website)
Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa (University Lusíada of Lisbon)
Fifth Year Design Studio
Faculty: Rui Alves, Bernardo Manoel


Past, Present, and Future
a project read like a Timeline

This particular part of Lisbon assisted to the grow and the end of the heavy industrialization. the scars of that past are a group of urban voids expecting intervention. the necessity of a generational renewal brought the creative and art industries for this voids. the strategy is simple, one platform, two realities. above the contemplation of the new city, and under the necessary tranquility of a garden. joining this a multicultural area and a small bar. A timeline of light and sound, matter and silence, emotion and art.      

01_garden-memory_serra 02_garden-memory_serra 03_garden-memory_serra 04_garden-memory_serra 05_garden-memory_serra 06_garden-memory_serra 07_garden-memory_serra 08_garden-memory_serra 09_garden-memory_serra 10_garden-memory_serra 11_garden-memory_serra 12_garden-memory_serra 13_garden-memory_serra 14_garden-memory_serra 15_garden-memory_serra 16_garden-memory_serra

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