Trudy Watt (website)
University of Illinois at Chicago
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Bob MacAnulty


Emotional logic guides the conception, sculpting and interior planning of Hephaestus, a casino and courthouse on Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL. The forms and interiors herein are derived from a series of narratives inspired by or aimed at specific emotional arousal.

Emotional logic challenges architecture’s current love affair with data, technology and science. Is the wealth of information (environmental, statistical, etc.) available to the contemporary architect necessarily the discipline’s best source of credibility? Will a careful examination of a series of feelings and related spatial experiences result in a believable and well-crafted architectural proposal? Furthermore, how should one approach the graphic representation of emotions?

Interior urbanism appears in Hephaestus’ diverse program; from casino to courthouse. The building’s sheer size and multiplicity of use make it a self-contained urban entity.


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