Homeless Cultural Shelter: Only podiums, Wholly podiums

Raul Serra (website)
Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa (University Lusíada of Lisbon)
Design Studio
Faculty: Rui Alves, Bernardo Manoel


This project is the answer to the site. one existing building determines a new podium, with public approach and a new and particular way of see the city. Underneath, the matter is excavated and gives place to a meaningful and beautiful space. floating above are the necessary programmatic public areas.
Confronting this podium, another one is built, but private, responding with the same strategy. Connecting the both is a particular space, circular and confronting the existing rock, illuminated with zenithal light. Two concrete elements, heavy to the aggressive exterior, and light to the interior reality.

01_homeless-center_serra 02_homeless-center_serra 03_homeless-center_serra 04_homeless-center_serra 05_homeless-center_serra 06_homeless-center_serra 07_homeless-center_serra 08_homeless-center_serra 09_homeless-center_serra 10_homeless-center_serra 11_homeless-center_serra 12_homeless-center_serra 13_homeless-center_serra 14_homeless-center_serra 15_homeless-center_serra 16_homeless-center_serra 17_homeless-center_serra 18_homeless-center_serra 19_homeless-center_serra 20_homeless-center_serra 21_homeless-center_serra 22_homeless-center_serra

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