Il Nuovo Futuro della Città del Futuro

Zeba Khan (website)
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Exploding Edenic Inevitable
Faculty: Sam Jacob (website)


“The New Future of the City of Tomorrow” presents a ruined world where the few survivors seek together for salvation and freedom from something that will bring order to their savage world. They have found freedom in the Tempio de Epcot (Temple of Epcot). In this idealized society, new life is emerging but as natural and unkempt as it can be. Instead of using Epcot for what it was originally intended which was a technology future, the users are coming together to use something originally monumental for pure survival thus creating a surreal and romantic alter reality. These survivalists try to being order and morality in this savaged and ruined world. They do so by transforming Epcot, disregarding its previous monumentality, into a temple. The interior is fantasized in the way Piranesi romanticizes structures. The arches are for each individual to join in the faith and symbolizes that the temple has room for everyone. Epcot is punctured purposefully to allow sunlight at different times of day in the center of Epcot hoping that this light will shine light and hope into their world. The survivalist claim their land by marking it with a freedom pattern claiming that is the land of the free. The works of Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Oswald Mathias Ungers were studied and used to illustrate this new ruined world.


↑ Veduta De Epcot (The New Future of the City of Tomorrow)

↑ Salvation Mountain freedom pattern seeps into the rigid world

 Narrative of Salvation Mountain freedom pattern claiming the Temple of Epcot as its own
↑ Veduta di Sezione del Tempie Epcot ( Section Drawing of Temple of Epcot)

↑ Veduta di Interiore della Cupola (Drawing of Dome Interior – Ceiling Plan)

 Veduta di Prospecttiva Plan di Interiore Archi ( Drawing of Perspective Plan of Interior Arches)

 Veduta di Elevazione del Tempio Epcot ( Drawing of Elevation of Temple of Epcot)

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