Industrial Robotic Fabrication

Cody Davis (website), Patrick Lun (website)
Yale School of Architecture
Faculty: Mark Foster Gage (website)


This installation was designed, fabricated and mounted in Paul Rudolph Hall at Yale University.  The challenge posed for the investigation was twofold – develop a set of techniques for surface modeling in Maya that satisfies our outlined aesthetic criteria and to explore the capabilities and limitations of the five axis KUKA robotic arm at the Yale School of Architecture. The industrial robotic technology implemented offers certain advantages for the optimization of the fabrication process as well as broadening the range of curvature that can be achieved in modeled surfaces. Our geometry would not be limited to milling from a single projection in the vertical dimension therefore allowing us to produce forms that billow, curl, and fold over itself, relative to any spatial dimension as well as be formed and cut in 360 degrees around its circumference.

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