Industry City

Rong Zhao (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio IV
Faculty: Scott Marble (website)


Solar and Rainwater Canopy
Cbip Individual Element Design 1

The solar Canopy works to shelter courtyard space and space between two building to provide semi-open shelter for outside exhibition and activity. Utilizing a cable structure, each unit of the canopy adjust its shape by finding its most stucturally efficient gravity point according to the changes of four anchered points outside the window. 3D pv panel with translucent solar panel produce electricity during the day which can be used on the LED light during night.The canopy creates a range of shadow densities and patterns cross the courtyard and throughout the day.

Super Structure
Cbip Individual Element Design 2

The superstructure works as a second skin for existing building. It offsets from building facade and provides structure support for building extension, avoiding the need of destroying the existing structure. The surface shape of the superstructure is reshaped and visualizes as a three dimensional open skeleton that wraps around the building and inside the courtyard. The design goal for the super structure is to create an open flexible dynamic light-weight skeleton that reshapes the building and provides structure support for green facade ,exterior circulations and vegetation.


01_industry_city_zhao 02_industry_city_zhao 03_industry_city_zhao 04_industry_city_zhao 05_industry_city_zhao 06_industry_city_zhao

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