Harry Lam (website), Jose Holguin (website), Billy Wang
University of Pennsylvania School of Design
ARCH 704 Advanced Studio
Faculty: Cecil Balmond (website), Ezio Blasetti (website)


The research studio investigated non-linear algorithmic procedures at both a methodological and tectonic level. This speculative research proposes a hybrid program of a spiritual function and an archive/library, and sets itself up with the following three postulates:

  1. The fourth spatial dimension – described as an extrusion of our three-dimensional world in a direction perpendicular to the perceivable three. Thus, our reality is merely an infinitesimal slice of the compounded folds in space-time.
  2. Recursive subdivision may be used as a method of creating a virtual infinitude within a finite geometry. These self-similar geometries inevitably converge to points of infinitesimal size.
  3. In order to perceive a four-dimensional geometry, the “point at infinity,” used in stereographic projection creates a vanishing “horizon” as the geometry approaches the point of projection.


01_infinitesimal_lam 02_infinitesimal_lam 03_infinitesimal_lam 04_infinitesimal_lam 05_infinitesimal_lam 06_infinitesimal_lam 07_infinitesimal_lam 08_infinitesimal_lam 09_infinitesimal_lam 10_infinitesimal_lam

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