[In]formal Classrooms

Zhanina Boyadzhieva (website)
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Kyoto Studio
Faculty: Toshiko Mori (website)


This semester-long project began with research on the global issue of education in slums. A visit to Kyoto inspired three main points about the project:

  1. The creation of a small scale, individualized space is crucial for an effective learning environment which engages the community.
  2. The ‘school’ has to be multi-functional and adaptable for different purposes and communal activities.
  3. The design has to take into account sustainable, local, and reusable materials.

The final proposal is an itinerant architectural bamboo system which is simple but at the same time produces a complex spatial experience. It serves as a tool for learning and promoting the use of bamboo while at the same time provide educational space for children in slums.


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