LA Stunt School

Catrina Stewart (website)
The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Unit 5 (website)
Faculty: Julia Backhaus, Pedro Font-Alba


The L.A. Stunt School is a place where actors come to learn and train to simulate fights, car crashes, flying, fire, explosions, etc. It is sited on the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River, towering over the suburbs on stilts to allow the water to rise and fall without affecting the function of the building. The design of the building was purposely made to be uncomfortable, disorientating and dangerous. This was in order to keep the students alert and allow them to practice and improve their reflexes.


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Daniel Lee
05/29/2015 at 12:56 am

I appreciate the elegant representation of programs and structural elements! what does blue+yellow colored areas for?

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