Pitcrit – Lepidoptera



David Vuong (website)
Advanced Studio
Brief: An Extension to the LA Natural History Museum
Faculty: Niall McLaughlin (website)


Among the most icon creatures in the world, the butterfly is quite possibly best know for their vivid colors. This proposal for an extension of the LA Natural History Museum explores a minimal form, in favor of highlighting, the exuberance of the insects. The pavilion only takes 1/3 of the site, leaving the rest for a vibrate landscape of plant these insect fed upon. Additionally, this allows for much needed publicscape, in a dense downtown district.

Thousands of clear pegs line the interior of the Pavilion, for these insects to rest upon. In the morning, when the thousands of butterflies are at rest, the interior walls, would be covered in a carpet of vibrate colors. In the mid-day when butterflies are most active, the plain white interiors, highlight their flight. Light, enters into the space, from above, through a wooded fin canopy.

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