Living Geometry

Geoffrey Bell (website), Rong Zhao (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio III
Faculty: Charles Eldred (website)


This housing project utilizes prefabricated 12’by 12’ cube as basic unit. Flexible and multiple residential apartments are created by recombining cubes. A path inserted with community space, retails works as the main circulation space that links the entire project to the urban environment. A panel market is designed to allow residences to design their own apartment in an efficient way with lower price. Public program and community space locates on the ground floor near the entrance and on the 3rd floor next to the circulation access. All residences are united as a member of the community and would be able to share to communicate.


01_living_geometry_bell_zhao 02_living_geometry_bell_zhao 03_living_geometry_bell_zhao 04_living_geometry_bell_zhao 05_living_geometry_bell_zhao 06_living_geometry_bell_zhao LEVEL04 LEVEL09 rz2230 11-7 level 3 Print 11_living_geometry_bell_zhao 12_living_geometry_bell_zhao 13_living_geometry_bell_zhao

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