The Long(er) Wharf: Boston 2024 Olympic Village

Maya Alexander (website), Lauren Raab, Ben Smith (website)
Yale School of Architecture
Second Year Design Studio
Faculty : Bimal Mendis (website)


The project focuses on the creation and phasing of an Olympic Village in Boston, MA. The strategy for the site, The Long(er) Wharf, is essentially a continuous development that connects the cruise terminal and the Boston Convention Center. Both of these spaces currently exist in a vacuum of sorts, but experience large quantity of visitors. Using the logic of the historic Long Wharf, which historically created a vibrant space of commerce and habitation, we have re-imagined how combining the spatial organization of the wharf with the current infrastructure of these two sites, we could activate the South Boston community. This ‘linear village’ helps to open up the Boston waterfront and create a much needed southern edge as well as builds on the current growth being proposed by the Convention Center in the hospitality sector. We see the potential for the athlete housing to easily convert to much desired waterfront units and hotels, all conveniently located along an active harbor side boardwalk.  


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