Love Hotel

Henry Stephens (website)
Victoria University of Wellington
Design Studio
Faculty: Simon Twose


The Love Hotel is an architecture realised through the very idiosyncratic process of drawing, in response to a very unique script of site phenomena that are experienced individually within Opera House Lane in Central Wellington. In terms of program, the Love Hotel is defined by a singular axis that follows the course of the site. As the user moves through the building, the site disappears from physical view, but is reintroduced through treatment of material, massing, surface and projection. The programmatic elements of the hotel, walkway, threshold, tower and dwelling, provide a figurative and experiential gradient that marks removal from site.

Treatment of surface and material reflects the drawn projection onto the site, while the machines physically project into the site. These machines record and compress the events happening within the building onto a single surface – a screen within the Opera House. Thus, the very act of inhabiting the building is transformed into a performance, a reflection of site qualities that transcend physical parameters. The Hotel takes place not as a cohesive whole, but as a series of projections, cast by intangible moments and events that are experienced within the site. The act of drawing is informed by these projections – projecting the building onto the site, through the site, and finally – deep into the site. In doing so, a position in favour of the discursive and subjective nature of symbolic architectural representation is established.


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