Metamorphic Void

Hyuntek Yoon (website)
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Masters Thesis
Brief: Theater
Faculty: John Hong (website)


Theater was originated from ancient Greek. It arose as a performance of ritual and civic activity. For last 40 years, theater has been built as the icon of the city. Many cities tried to express their economic and cultural growth by the sculptural gesture of the theater. However, theater’s iconic image overwhelms its function. Theater is isolated form the city in term of programs and location. The new theater typology will provide the chance which the theater can communicate with the city. Theater needs to be iconic, and at the same time it must have close interaction with the city. Theater as a cultural and public building, it must create and accommodate diverse social environment and interactions. It might be a timely reaction of structure, material, forms, or spatial programs. The new theater is composed by typical theater and series of voids. These voids, called as Metamorphic void, keep changing depended on time and programs. Voids will operate overall building in terms of program and spatial relationship. Voids can be circulation link and support main programs. Sometime those work as independent programs. Metamorphic voids are not physical transformation; rather it is related on changing relationship between spaces.


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