Metaphysical Memorial

Ruoyu Wei (website), Kangsan Danny Kim
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Karla Rothstein (website)


This project was to define a new way to remembering the deceased individuals. The instructor for this project is Karla Rothstein, who is also the director of GSAPP’s Death Lab. The design was begun with defining “fading” using abstracted spaces models. I proposed two concepts. For the first concept design, I poured melting wax into ice water and tried to capture a diffusion status. The second concept was about a resilient paper model, which conveyed the perception of changes of particle density in the air, such as a cloud. The final design was an organic farm. The fertilizer for the farm came from corpses, which were processed through an approach called “Promession”. Dead people were back to earth and given a second life as they nurture the plants and fruits. The building included a memorial space, facility rooms, and educational rooms. The concept of “particle density change” was used to organize the building functions.


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