Ministry of Natural Defence, Isle of Portland, UK

Isaac Leung (website)
University of Brighton School of Architecture
Second Year Design Studio
Faculty: Kate Cheyne (website), Catrina Stewart (website)


This project speculates the human response to the extreme climate change and the role of architects within this inevitable measure. Great Britain, as an Island country, her coastal cities have been experiencing constant attack from the fierce ocean waves and has suffered from frequent landslides and severe cliff reductions.

The tower of Ministry of Natural Defence, is essentially a defensive architecture prototype. Attached to one of the oldest landscape (dating back to the Jurassic period around 180 million years ago) along the western cliffs of Portland. The tower monitors the landscape with a diversity of scientific-fiction inspired monitoring instruments: they collect and analyse rock samples, record and measure data of different elements of the cliff. Hence act as a warning system and geological research lab for this magnificent landscape.


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