Museum and Headquarters for CASIS

Hyeun Lee (website)
Yale School of Architecture
1021a Architectural Design (Design Studio)
Brief: Headquarters for the Center of Advancement of Science in Space  
Faculty: Michael Young (website)


Architecture today operates in a more exploratory vein, one where monolithic styles and movements give experimental and individualized pursuits. The emergence of new creative digital tools, from new and smarter materials to software that give access to entirely new languages of form, make the building of anything nearly possible. We are in an era of discovery and exploration, not in terms of physical territories as much as disciplinary and technological possibilities. To that end, the project explores architecture derived from the emotions that are closely associated with the mystery and uncertainty of space exploration. The building intends to not only fulfill its basic functional requirements, but also to acts as an agent of emotional affect and effect. The atmosphere it casts within and around the context via its particular aesthetics, derived from a formal interpretation of emotion, is its rationale for existence.  


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