Danny Karas (website)
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture (UIC)
Design Studio
Faculty: Juan Rois


There exists a growing pressure on the Chicago airports of O’Hare and Midway to expand into neighboring communities destroying local houses and businesses. In order to alleviate this pressure there is a need for an interconnecting route that manages to condense the extraneous functions of the airport in an exterior infrastructural connection.

By establishing a building that can compress the growing programmatic stresses of the Chicago airports, an infrastructural node can be established that connects the Airports by modifying and expanding the preexisting Chicago CTA blue and orange lines into an optimized high speed rail system.

By extending the orange line from midway to Halsted and building an above ground blue line rail from the UIC- Halsted stop comes an unbroken high-speed rail in-between both airports which provides 7 minute airport transfers.

By establishing the only stop at the famous circle interchange of I-90 and 290 a plinth can be built atop the preexisting highway infrastructure that creates an interconnected system of roads and rail that allow the inhabitant to reach any location of the city at ease.

“Node” integrates the idea of the “kiss and drop” that exists within airports which allows car riders to drive into the building from the existing highways and drop off or pick up their love ones from a mobious line that connects with the rail station as well as convenience or overnight parking meaning you will never have to drive your friend to the airport at 5am ever again.

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