NS Dokumentationszentrum

Cody Davis (website), Daniel Yoder (website)
Yale School of Architecture
Advanced Studio
Faculty: Peter Eisenman (website), Michael Wang (website)
Brief: Documentation Center for National Socialism


Reserving our capacity to act from judgment, we have chosen an intervention forsaking violence, formal didacticism, or moralizing exhibition.  Ours obliges the visitor to confront the curiosities / atrocities originated on this site by emphasizing spatially–not only what exists and has been exhumed but also by revealing that some things can never be shown. The project, shaped by circulation, unearths disparate pathways that previously linked exclusively separate systems in a larger highly compartmentalized organism.  Through a series of connections, unlike any this building has heretofore hosted, occupants continuously shift between the physicality of the existing and an absurdly compact underworld.


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