Nuzzling Nozzles

Harry Lam (website)
University of Pennsylvania School of Design
ARCH 601 Design Studio
Faculty: Kutan Ayata (website)


The project began with the design of the pocketed wall between dormitory rooms. Program and furniture is embedded within the thickness of the walls that define the dormitory room. This design explores the orientation of walls such that the view is opaque from one direction but open from the opposite.

In the aggregation of the unit, the contrast between privacy and transparency is emphasized. Global symmetries and local dissymmetries are played out to orient views and privacy to and from the high line and the main road. Disruptions in the regularity of the facade highlight positions and intricacies of common rooms, double rooms and culinary class rooms that differ from the regular bedroom.


01_nuzzling_nozzles_lam 02_nuzzling_nozzles_lam 20140202_siteplan 20140129_plans 20140129_sections 06_nuzzling_nozzles_lam 07_nuzzling_nozzles_lam 08_nuzzling_nozzles_lam

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