On the Edge

Benjamin Brichta (website)
Columbia University GSAPP
Advanced Studio V
Faculty:  Laurie Hawkinson (website), Christian Uhl


On The Edge is a motel on the infrastructural frontier of Palmdale, CA. It will interface directly with the High Speed Rail’s secondary light rail system, receive all of its energy from the mobile home park across the street and provide access to water in return. In keeping with protected viewshed legislation, it will minimize its exposure to the street by occupying an artificial berm created when the CalTrain lines were laid down and cascading down the hill on the other side.

On The Edge explores the potential relationship between permanent populations using transient architecture and transient populat ions using permanent architecture and the relationships that can grow out of their adjacencies.

On The Edge is an exploration of the edge condit ions and fuzzy borders of Palmdale, CA. As it becomes more expensive to service vast urban areas like Palmdale, development will condense around essential infrastructure. Through allocation, utility companies will become the planners of the future. I believe this new infrastructural frontier will be a fertile test ing ground for new types of development that take advantage of strange adjacencies. By thinking of adjacent uses as a co-generative multiplier, I am able to more closely align energy production (land use) with energy consumption. I envision a future where the edge becomes the center of future growth.

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