Of the Park, Of the MFA

Felipe Oropeza Jr. (website)
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Core Studio II
Brief: Museum of Fine Arts Rare Books Library
Faculty: Jeffy Burchard (website)


The goal was to situate a library of the MFA (Museum of fine Arts) within one of three designated locations of the Park. My attempt for my project was to establish a visual relationship with the MFA (via an abstracted interpretation of the classical facade) and at the same time have it belong to the park (via the irregularity of my formal strategy).The organizational strategy in terms of program and circulation was based from a reading of Adolf Loos’s Villa Karma (one of my precedent studies).

From this precedent, I extrapolated the idea of a central volume, enveloped by a band of other volumes, cells, and programs. Moments of threshold differentiate these spaces to evoke the concept of a depthless of interior. Access to program along the perimeter, which is perceived as readily accessible, is elongated in the way the entry leads into the deep interiority before access is granted into the perimeter bands.

The moment of entry (render one) is one of the most important moments of this sequence because it serves as the moment of threshold between outside and the deep interior, bypassing the perimeter modulation. At the same time it visually grants access back onto itself, mediating the deep interior with its external self, the facade.

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