Nick Mcadoo, Justin Nguyen (website)
Yale School of Architecture

Patternism: Computation and Contemporary Continuity
Brief: Computation and Contemporary Continuity
Faculty: Brennan Buck (website)


This projects looks at the relationship between exterior and interior by reconciling the diverging part to whole relationships among computational and compositional themes in digital form. If computation generates a field of self-similar parts that lacks an overall external figure and if composition produces a monolithic figure that is spatially uniform, this project creates internal organization from external figure. By subdividing the figure into recursive scales of figures and voids, the external figure – a bunny in this case – challenges homogeneity by organizing both internally and externally a series of linked, non-intersecting, irregular tetrahedra. These linked volumes create a continuous poche that generates cellular voids within the bunny – each autonomous yet connected to its neighbors. The result is a porous network of cells that allows light and shadow to define the quality of the interior space.

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